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Yoga creates space to connect and listen.  Through this healing practice, we can learn to embrace and befriend ourselves on this ever-changing journey of life.

Through movement, breath-work, and meditation, we develop a more mindful approach to our well-being which ripples out to the world around us.

– Carrie Sarlo-Randazzo, Holistic Movement
Carrie Sarlo-Randazzo
online yoga

Carrie Sarlo-Randazzo is the founder of Holistic Movement (previously known as HoliMomma.) Her passion and dedication for female health are expressed through her love, curiosity, and education for anatomy, movement, and the interwoven connection of mind, body, and spirit.

Before establishing herself in the world of holistic health, Carrie worked in special education and received college degrees in psychology and child development. When she decided to take an alternative route with her career, she dove into the studies of yoga, bodywork, and holistic health, an area that she had been personally practicing with much passion.

Carrie received her first massage/bodywork certification in 2005 and in 2006 became a certified Mother Massage® Therapist. Working with pregnant women piqued her interest in learning how women’s bodies transform during pregnancy and into motherhood. She decided to train with Julie Tupler, founder of Tupler Technique and Maternal Fitness® to study prenatal and postpartum care including diastasis recti, core function, and corrective exercise. In 2009, Carrie studied with Jade Groff and became a certified prenatal yoga instructor. She began teaching weekly prenatal yoga classes at local studios and workshops for expecting women and supportive birth partners.

She continued her education by attending workshops with Leslie Howard, the founder of Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy. This became the foundation for Carrie’s practice and teaching style. She took additional coursework and training to help guide her and other women to a better understanding of pelvic health, dysfunction, and ways to support women on a mind, body, and emotional level. (Carrie later completed the teacher training course with Leslie in 2018.) She continued her studies in yoga and received certification with Beth Filla (Yogawood in 2011) and attended additional training in prenatal and postpartum bodywork plus pelvic courses. She also developed and led yoga teacher training courses in anatomy and prenatal/postpartum modifications.

HoliMomma opened its doors in 2013 and offered women-focused yoga classes, workshops, and massage therapy. In 2015 Carrie joined The Village (a group of birth and postpartum professionals) and that became her home for women’s offerings, specializing in prenatal and postpartum services. Over the years, Carrie created and led multiple yoga retreats, workshops, and weekly classes. Her more recent studies have focused on meditation training and course-work through Yoga Medicine—women’s health yoga and myofascial release.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, her studio closed for all group offerings. As with so many other small businesses, this brought on new challenges but also developed new opportunities. Carrie took this time to re-evaluate her work and Holistic Movement was born. Her intentions are to broaden her audience for women’s health along with offerings for all. She has developed a virtual class community, curated videos, and training. She looks forward to Holistic Movement growing and transforming to better serve women with mind and body wellness services.


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