postpartum yoga


Holistic wellness for mommas

Our HoliMomma classes are specifically designed for prenatal and postpartum women. We take a holistic approach to pregnancy and motherhood and offer a wide variety of classes from yoga, strength and stability, functional/corrective exercise, massage, bodywork, and meditation. We believe in offering space to connect with mind, body, baby and heart. This is a time to listen to your individual body wisdom. We’re here to support the changing needs (physically, emotionally, and mentally) and are along for the journey from conception, childbirth, parenting, and beyond.

During our in-person classes, we offer group ‘circle time’ at the beginning of each class. This is a great way to connect with other women that are on the journey into motherhood. It’s an opportunity to share ideas, ask pregnancy or postpartum-related questions and/or address anything for the instructor. 

For New Mommas

With our VOD library, you can practice live-stream recordings and also have access to our specialized classes that include:

Mom + Baby Yoga
Postpartum Strength + Stability
Diastasis Recti + Pelvic Floor Exercise
Postpartum Tension Release
Meditations for Moms
Restorative Yoga
Infant Massage
And More!

postpartum yoga
postpartum yoga


Pregnancy and postpartum stages are a unique experience for every woman. There will be moments of exhaustion to feeling energized and everything in between. Our ‘motto’ is – Honor the space you’re in.

Every day (or even moment to moment), may feel different and know that is ok. We ask for you to be kind to yourself. When practicing our movement classes, do so mindfully. The most important thing is to listen to your body. We encourage you to feel sensation and breathe deeply but never go to a place of pain. All poses/exercises are optional. Not every pose will work for every woman and that is ok. We’ll give cueing for alignment and offer modifications, but always do what is best for you.

If you had a healthy pregnancy and a normal vaginal delivery, it is usually safe to begin exercising a few weeks after giving birth—or as soon as you feel ready. With that said, we recommend to start off with gentle movement and breath-work. If you experienced vaginal tearing or C-section, we recommend seeking your doctor’s approval before engaging in exercise. Your body may not be ready for physical exercise if you are experiencing abdominal pain, bleeding, heavy discharge, urinary/feces leakage and/or heaviness in pelvic region. We recommend seeking guidance from your care provider with any of the above or additional concerns before joining our movement classes.